What is it ?

A little copy paste of the README :


xmltv is used to provide XML based Electronic Program Guide (EPG) information
over the Internet, including channel, programmes (start and end time) and

Video Disk Recorder (VDR) is a linux based application used to record
programs, based on a schedule. In the UK (and maybe other countries) the
EPG information is taken from the DVB stream, and only has "now and next"
information that means it is not possible to record programs in advance
from the schedule.

This tool, xmltv2vdr.pl, puts information from xmltv into VDR for the

This tool was created by Morfsta.

you can download last version here

Some speedup

I use VDR daily since 2002. In France the only EPG1 broadcasted is for now and next programs so in order to have a complete EPG I used xmltv2vdr. My VDRbox is an old silent Celeron 233 with 384Mo of Ram, it was very slow when running xmltv2vdr this is why I started working on it.

I first sent this mail to the mailing list and a new release was made with my modifications.

Later I decided to create a mercurial repository to ease xmltv2vdr development.

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